Patient Testimony on Activity Based Rehabilitation

Activity based rehabilitation as it is practiced at the International Neurorehabilitation Institute (INI) has been shown to have a remarkable impact on the function of individuals living with conditions affecting the spinal cord and brain such as multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, spinal cord injury, stroke, and cerebral palsy to name a few.  Ultimately this positive impact results in better quality of life for our patients.  Dr. Becker and his collaborators not only publish these findings in the scientific literature but also witness it day in and day out with his rehabilitation team at INI.

Kathy Volk is one of Dr. Daniel Becker’s patients with multiple sclerosis.  In this video she describes how functional electrical stimulation and the cutting edge rehabilitation under Dr. Becker’s care has changed her life.  This is a life recording of the question and answer session after Dr. Becker’s talk to the National MS Society Maryland Chapter in Ocean City in 11/2013.  The link to the main talk of this meeting can be found here.

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