Discussion about standing devices for home use

During one of Dr. Becker’s lectures on Multiple Sclerosis a question came up regarding standing recommendations.  A patient asked if “people with Multiple Sclerosis should be using standing frames at home?”  Research shows that there are many benefits to supported standing including improvement in bone mineral density, range of motion, trunk strength, bowel and bladder function, mood, and cardiovascular health.  Those who cannot stand on their own can use a standing frame to reap the same benefits.Determining which standing device would be the most appropriate and beneficial for you requires consideration of many factors.  Some important elements to be considered include:

  • Amount of space available in your home
  • Your physical strengths and weaknesses
  • Amount of assistance that you have from a caregiver
  • Amount of time in your day that can be devoted to a standing program.
  • Cost

There are many different kinds of standers on the market.  There are standers that transition from sitting to standing or laying down to standing.  Some standers provide more support for people with less strength and function.  Other standers provide minimal support allowing for opportunities to strengthen trunk and arm muscles.  Mobile standers allow patients to move around in their environment while standing.  These decisions can be made in conjunction with your physician and therapist.  The process should be interactive and it is recommended that you “trial” standing with a therapist before purchasing equipment or initiating a program.  A therapist can assist you and ensure your safety during standing and train you on how to utilize the stander that best meets your needs.

EasyStand Stander-Glider
EasyStand Stander-Glider as used at INI
EasyStand Stander-Glider

EasyStand Stander-Glider

At the International Neurorehabiliation Institute (INI) we have a variety of standers available for patients to trial.  If you are interested in doing so, an appointment can be scheduled with Dr. Becker for an evaluation.  Once you are evaluated he may recommend therapy services in order to participate in a standing trial.  Specific standing recommendations are tailored to your needs.  To schedule an appointment or for more information about standing frames and standing programs you can call: 410-828-4629.

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